Congress Street United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Evolving Followers of Jesus for the Transformation of the World!

The Great Pumpkin Patch 2017

Conveniently located in our parking lot at 2010 Congress Street,
Lafayette, IN on the West side of Columbian Park across from
Loeb Stadium.
Great for families with small children and those with mobility challenges
Pets welcome!  Bring your cameras!
Open every day -- Rain or Shine
October 6 to October 31, 2017
     11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Selling: Pumpkins, Gourds, Straw Bales, Chrysanthemums,
Fall Decorations, Pumpkin Rolls,
Our Famous Pumpkin Sugar Cookies,
Quick Breads, Dried Fruits, Nuts and Craft Items

Pumpkin Sale Profits go to these Local Programs:
   Hunger Hike

   Pack Away Hunger

   Honor Flight

Volunteers are needed for these and
other activities:

Pumpkin Cookie Baking (Completed!)
               Where it Starts: A Batch of Dough
Where it Leads: the Cooling Racks
Fun for all ages!
Jr. Chef Creedyn helping to make the cookies!!
 Pumpkin Cookie Baking Record Session: 8/30/17  9:30 AM through 3:00 PM 
               83.3 Dozen!!
                   -- Way to Go Pam Detamore, Mary Brown, and Jean Clithero !!!
 Pumpkin Cookie Baking Honorable Mention Session : 8/27/17 9:30 AM through 2 PM 
               80 Dozen !!
                   -- Cookie Baking Troupers Mary and Scott Brown , Lynn Nelson ,
                       Darlene and John DeLuca !!! 
Total Dozen Cookies made to date (as of 9/30/17): 627/600-105% 

Pumpkin Cookie Icing (Completed!)

Pumpkin Patch Staffing (1 more day!)