Congress Street United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Evolving Followers of Jesus for the Transformation of the World!


Who are we:

We are a group of wanderers on a spiritual journey. We started as Theology on Tap Lite, but called on copyright violation by the Catholic Church. So, we are now H3 (Holy Happy Hour). We began meeting in September 2010. We gather weekly at various local restaurants & pubs on Thursdays at 7 p.m. to eat delicious foods, drink tasty beverages and discuss the world's events and other theologically hot topics. Join us! We are diverse, but are always seeking more different-ness from ourselves. All opinions and schools of thought are welcomed around the table. We ask everyone at the table to enter into commitment to mutual respect and dialogue.

**SCIENCE ON TAP** is a program sponsored through Purdue University to expand the sciences and the newest in scientific discovery to a broader audience. These talks tend to have a "what's trending now" feel and the presentation of the information is geared toward the average person. Science on Tap takes place on various Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the Lafayette Brewing Company. The one downside to Science on Tap is its "Over 21" entrance policy. Regardless, we will use these evenings as spring boards to the H3 conversation. We'll still meet at our scheduled location where "Under 21" is welcome. So, when "Science on Tap" is denoted on the calendar, please try to attend the 6 p.m. presentation at LBC (upstairs room). Because the SoT schedule is not always known far in advance, the below schedule is subject to change to accommodate it. Published programs will not be deleted, just re-arranged.


Upcoming Schedule:


LOCATION: Nine Irish Brothers (SR 38 East)
Dec. 15 See recent FB page postings
Dec. 22 Advent Study 5: Christmas Readings
Dec. 29 BYOT (bring your own topics)
Jan. 5 Universal Basic Income. CNBC  BIEN  NewYorker  WSJ  NPR
Jan. 12 BYOT (bring your own topics)
Jan. 19 Getting to Yes (iTunes) (Introductory pages, Part I: The Problem, Part II: The Method) 
Jan. 26 TED Radio Hour "Reconciliation" (12.15.2016)  NPR  iTunes
  LOCATION: Arni's Pizza (Market Square)
Feb. 2
Feb. 9  
Feb. 16 Science on Tap
Feb. 23 Getting to Yes (iTunes) (Part III: Yes, But & Part IV: In Conclusion) 
Mar. 2  
Mar. 9 Privatization of Prisons
Mar. 16 TED Radio Hour "The Food We Eat" (12.15.2016)  NPR  iTunes
Mar. 23  
Mar. 30  
  LOCATION: Lafayette Brewing Company
Apr. 6  
Apr. 13  
Apr. 20  
Apr. 27  
May 4  
May 11  
May 18  
May 25  
  LOCATION: Jake's Roadhouse (W. Lafayette)
June 1  
June 8  
June 15  
June 22  
June 29  
July 6  
July 13
July 20  
July 27  
Nov. 2 Getting to Yes (iTunes) (Part V: Ten Questions People Ask...)